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How to Launch Snowflake Partner Connect and Matillion ETL

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Snowflake is a single, global platform for your data and your essential workloads. Matillion ETL for Snowflake integrates with Snowflake-specific functionality and best practices, making it easy to load all of your data into Snowflake and transform it to make it analytics-ready.


This article will show how to launch a free trial of Snowflake, and a free trial of Matillion ETL using Snowflake Partner Connect. For developers, this is a great way to try both platforms together.


Getting started: What you need 

The prerequisites for launching a free trial of both Snowflake and Matillion ETL via Snowflake Partner Connect are:


  • A web browser with internet access
  • A corporate email address. You will need this to create both your Snowflake account and your Matillion account

Launching a free trial of Snowflake

Start at the Snowflake documentation page and navigate to “Managing Your Snowflake Account.” From there, follow the link to the Snowflake Trial Accounts page. You should find another link to sign up for a free Snowflake trial using the self-service form on the Snowflake website.



Add your name, email address, company name, and location.



After you give your user information, press CONTINUE. You will go to the next screen, where you will choose your Snowflake edition, cloud provider, and region.



Your choice of Snowflake edition determines the features that will be available to you during the trial. Note that the more features you use, the faster you will go through Snowflake credits.

We are going to cover trying out Matillion ETL using Snowflake Partner Connect. For this purpose it’s simplest to choose Amazon Web Services as the cloud provider.


If you have existing cloud resources – such as files in cloud storage, or hosted databases – then you can minimize costs by choosing the same (or a nearby) location.


After you have supplied your Snowflake edition, cloud provider, and region, press GET STARTED. Snowflake will take a couple of seconds to initialize your account. As the last stage, Snowflake will send you an email containing an activation link.



Make a note of the URL in the activation email. You will use it later to access the Snowflake web console.


The CLICK TO ACTIVATE link will open a Snowflake page, where you set up a username and password for the administrator account. This Snowflake account has the most powerful ACCOUNTADMIN superuser role.


Use a password generator to create a complex password for the Snowflake ACCOUNTADMIN superuser account


After creating the superuser account, you will be redirected to the Snowsight login page, where you will need that username and password again. Snowflake recommends you avoid using the ACCOUNTADMIN role to create objects. So as next steps in Snowflake:



Launching Matillion ETL from Snowflake Partner Connect

Start by accessing the Snowflake Partner Connect area in Snowsight. You must switch to the ACCOUNTADMIN role, and you must have a verified email address in Snowflake. The Snowflake administrator account that you created in the previous section has both of these prerequisites.



From the Snowflake Partner Connect screen, search for “Matillion”



Select Matillion ETL from the search results and click through to the next screen.


The new screen shows a summary of the new Snowflake objects that will be created. It includes a new virtual warehouse that is sized x-small, and will be set to auto suspend after 10 minutes.



Add the DEMO_DB database to the Optional Grant section and click Connect.


In the next screen, click Activate.


Your browser will open an instance of Matillion ETL in the next tab. Click ACCEPT to the terms of the EULA to begin the Matillion ETL trial.




You should now see a Matillion ETL login screen, with the credentials prefilled. Your browser may skip this screen and just ask if you want to save the credentials.


At the same time, Matillion will send an email to the email address you used to create the Snowflake trial. This will contain your Matillion ETL username and password, plus a “Go To Matillion ETL” hyperlink to the trial Matillion ETL instance.




In the Matillion ETL screen, choose Partner Connect >Snowflake and press OK to finish the login process.



You are now ready to begin your free trial of Matillion ETL, connected to your free trial of Snowflake.


Next steps

As next steps during your trial, you may:


Your Matillion ETL Partner Connect free trial will expire after 14 days, after which time you will need to activate a subscription using the Matillion Hub to continue.


If you have developed any Matillion ETL jobs that you wish to use again, make sure you save the jobs by exporting them before the Partner Connect trial ends.