Matillion and Databricks: Transforming Healthcare with Advanced Data Pipelines

Identifying Predictive Factors in Nurse Attrition with Matillion and Databricks 

It is for the healthcare industry to harness cutting-edge data solutions within its ever-changing landscape. Enter Matillion, the unrivaled Data Productivity Platform leading the charge. It stands as the central element, arming data teams in the healthcare sector with unparalleled capabilities to navigate the intricate landscape of data movement, transformation, and orchestration. This blog embarks on an exploration of a tangible scenario, delving into the seamless collaboration between Matillion and Databricks to tackle critical issues like nurse attrition, employing advanced data pipelines that redefine the status quo. Join us on a journey where innovation meets impact in pursuing enhanced healthcare analytics.

Matillion: A Closer Look

Revolutionizing Data Workflows 

Matillion is a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing data workflows across diverse teams. At its core, Matillion strives to make data management accessible and impactful for everyone, irrespective of their coding expertise. This commitment is embodied in three foundational pillars: 

  • Everyone Ready: Matillion ensures that its platform caters to individuals at every skill level, fostering productivity for both seasoned data professionals and those new to the field, providing a seamless experience for all team members. The user-friendly interface allows for intuitive data handling, making it easy for users to navigate through data ingestion, transformation, and loading processes.
  • Stack Ready: Recognizing the dynamic nature of technology, Matillion positions itself as a tool ready for the present and the future. As a cloud-first company supporting Azure and AWS and offering deployments for Databricks, Matillion transcends traditional deployment approaches. All resources are designed to be cloud-first, aligning with the company's forward-looking perspective. This ensures that users can access a relevant tool amid the evolving technological landscape.
  • AI Ready: This pillar allows data teams to leverage AI seamlessly, boosting data delivery, integrating AI pipelines, and scaling efficiently for enhanced productivity and rapid business growth. Easily integrate preferred AI vendors while ensuring robust security, governance, and transparency, driving impactful results. Matillion’s platform empowers organizations with a model-agnostic approach, providing flexibility in choosing LLMs for the prompt execution and superior AI training quality.

Unified Architecture for Unlimited Scale

Built on a unified platform, Matillion offers limitless scalability, supporting an expansive user base and diverse projects. With a setup that takes mere minutes, Matillion boasts transparent pricing models, aligning with the philosophy of providing value for only what is used. This architecture ensures users a seamless and efficient experience, allowing them to focus on deriving insights rather than grappling with technical complexities. 

Harmonious Collaboration with Databricks

Matillion seamlessly integrates with Databricks, forming a symbiotic partnership that enhances data capabilities. 

As a full-fledged ELT framework, Matillion effortlessly ingests data, utilizing over 150 data sources within its user-friendly UI and an easy-to-use Custom Connector Wizard for any sources you need. This data is then seamlessly transformed with the Databricks environment; you can use our transformation UI to help build Spark SQL-based transformations that run within your Databricks environment. 

In the UI shown below, you can build and orchestrate pipelines to help you transform the data from bronze to silver to gold and provide you with business-ready data available for your data sets for BI reports and all your AI projects. We also have additional capabilities, for example, log-based change data capture that streams into that bronze layer in Databricks. End-to-end governance with Matillion’s new built-in data Lineage coupled with Databricks Unity Catalog will provide powerful governance.   All this allows for a comprehensive and collaborative approach to data analytics. 

The Matillion-Databricks Synergy: A Use Case in Healthcare 

In the healthcare industry, the demand for robust data solutions is more pressing than ever. Matillion, in tandem with Databricks, addresses this need through an exemplary use case. 

Identifying Challenges: Nurse Attrition

The aftermath of the pandemic has led to a notable 8.4% surge in nurse attrition in 2022, presenting formidable challenges for healthcare providers. Compounding this issue is the current average cost of turnover per bedside, ranging between $40,000 - $64,000 per year. The average number of total staffed beds for hospitals is 130, according to HospitalView, and the average number of hospitals per the 10 ten largest Health Systems in the US is 128, equating to $64 million dollars in savings.

Desired Outcome:

The goal is to pinpoint the predictive factors that can effectively forecast employee attrition. 


  1. Complex Data Dynamics: Disparate and intricate data structures impede straightforward analysis.
  2. Resource Scarcity: The shortage of skilled resources further complicates addressing crucial business challenges. 


Matillion's showcased solution unveils a sophisticated data pipeline that seamlessly links disparate data sources. This pipeline cleanses and transforms the data and leverages Databricks' AutoML features to apply machine learning models. This comprehensive process empowers the healthcare industry to proactively manage nurse attrition, a pivotal concern in the current healthcare landscape.

Explore the demo below to witness how Matillion adeptly integrates diverse data sources into the Databricks bronze layer. It curates this data to derive a training model set, utilizing AutoML to apply a training model against it. Subsequently, the platform generates an inference dataset, allowing for the identification of nurses at risk of attrition. The demo also sheds light on key characteristics influencing such decisions, offering insights into the factors impacting a nurse's decision to leave their job.


A large healthcare provider saw 70% time savings using Matillions' low code/no code approach vs. hand coding to get the most up-to-date analytics, thus maximizing their investment in Databricks by having the ability to do both.


Empowering Healthcare Data Teams

Matillion’s prowess, in conjunction with Databricks, transcends traditional data management approaches. By simplifying complex tasks and offering a collaborative platform, Matillion empowers healthcare data teams to navigate challenges efficiently and drive meaningful insights. The integration of Matillion and Databricks is a testament to the future of healthcare data analytics, ensuring that data teams can focus on improving patient outcomes rather than grappling with data complexities. 

Ready to transform your healthcare data? 

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