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Matillion Data Loader: 12 Questions & Answers

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Matillion Data Loader is now available to download! This new Matillion product is designed for all data professionals regardless of coding capabilities. Like Matillion ETL, Matillion Data Loader is built to leverage the simplicity, speed, and scale of the cloud. Of course, with new products come new questions, and with that in mind, here a sampling of questions we’ve received. Learn more about Matillion Data Loader. 


I’m not a super technical user. Will there be tooltips? 


The good news is, it’s fairly simple to build a pipeline in Matillion Data Loader. But we will also be adding some tooltips for guidance. In the meantime, visit the 

Matillion Data Loader Community and start a discussion on the tooltips and any other features you would like to see in the product. 


Does Matillion Data Loader support both JDBC and REST API connection to the SFDC, and are you using the bulk load API?


If you are familiar with our driving technology, we can query Salesforce using a JDBC interface, and our technology will convert that query into a REST API call. As far as the bulk load API goes, yes, there is an option to turn this on, and it is a parameter on the wizard screen. You can set this up to use the bulk load API. 


Are there plans to make the API data source component available soon after release?


Not at this time. If you need the API data source component, you’ll want to use Matillion ETL.  


Say we have ten Postgres databases that need to be replicated into Snowflake. Is that covered under the free model?


Yes. There will be plenty more than 10 pipelines that you will be able to set forth under the free model. 


If I want to load data from MySQL Server to Amazon Redshift, what do I need to do? 


You’ll need to make sure your SQL Server is authenticated in Matillion Data Loader. From there you will be able to load data from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift. 


Is there a cron (time-based) scheduling mechanism?


As part of the pipeline builder, you can schedule how frequently you want your pipeline to run. When you run a pipeline, the overhead of spinning up that compute resource might take more than a minute. So you might want to just run the pipelines every 5-10 minutes so you better use your resources. 


Are there plans to add ‘project’ functionality so multiple separate data loader projects can be created with users’ assigned permissions? 


We probably won’t add this functionality to Matillion Data Loader. It does exist in Matillion ETL, where it’s a more likely use case with more complex jobs. 


Is it possible to edit the settings of a pipeline other than the refresh time and notification options?


We hope to make this possible in a future release. But for now, you can create a new pipeline with new columns and tables, and just delete or disable the old one. 


Does all data loaded go through Matillion?


You can configure your own staging within your own cloud infrastructure. However, the data will flow through Matillion so we can stream it to your file. So, yes, it will be loaded through Matillion. 


Is it possible to do an incremental data load with Matillion Data Loader? 


Yes it is, as long as it’s supported by the data source. To do an incremental load, specify a column from which we can identify the delta load. Also create an integer column that shows increments or a date time field. However, if you need CDC capability, you’ll want to use Matillion ETL. 



Can you load data from on-premises to a cloud data warehouse using Matillion Data Loader?


You can load data from an on-premises source, as long as the data is accessible from Matillion Data Loader. Some of the databases we currently support are MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB and Oracle. Check our Integrations page for all available pre-built data source connectors.