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Enhancing the Data Productivity Cloud via User Feedback

As a data engineer, your voice matters, and we are listening. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is relentless, and our dedication to innovation and improving our products drives us forward. At Matillion, we continuously analyze user feedback and consider that feedback deeply as we strive to innovate and enhance our products. In this new blog series, we will summarize the feedback trends we’ve been hearing, both positive insights and constructive suggestions. 

Customer-Centric Flexibility

Data engineers thrive on flexibility, and our users feel Matillion offers powerful capabilities that allow them to build and manage data pipelines at a granular level. In addition, according to research, data engineers using Matillion saved 70% of their time managing and maintaining pipelines, so they can focus more of their time on value-added tasks. The platform's drag-and-drop functionality and easy data transformation processes provide the flexibility to tailor solutions to unique and varied company requirements.

To code or not to code?

Matillion's commitment to a code-optional platform resonates with data engineers who can choose between high code and low code. Matillion is everyone-ready, built for the no-code user with templates and AI suggestions, and built for the high-code user with custom coding and the ability to manipulate connectors how you see fit. Through our new AI Note auto-documentation feature and the simplicity of leveraging parameterized objects to streamline data pipeline development, our users save time and resources every day. 🙌

Many users are delighted by the added flexibility of sophisticated coding features. They use the platform for scripting part of their ELT workflows—for example, manually writing SQL for transformation and Python for orchestration—to accommodate specific business logic or organizational needs that can get them to data insights faster.

‘The flexibility is great. I’m able to modify precise aspects of data flows to suit the needs of my company.’ 

Analytics Engineer

“I like how we can document the workflows and can use parameterized objects instead of writing code … I like the no to little code” 

Sr Director of Data and Analytics 

Tailored for Cloud Environments

For those operating in cloud environments like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, Matillion is a game-changer. The scalability and flexibility, coupled with drag-and-drop functionality and a REST API, make us a preferred choice for data engineers focused on reducing time to market and driving innovation.💡

“Matillion is designed for cloud environments like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. It allows scalability and flexibility” 

Senior Software Engineer

“What I like most about the product is the ease of integration with Snowflake” 

Vice President, IT. 

Stability and Performance Excellence

Stability is a hallmark of Matillion, and users consistently praise its reliability and performance. Responding to outgoing user input, we’ve meticulously crafted the new pricing models for Data Productivity Cloud to offer clarity and predictability, all while preserving flexibility and customization options. With Matillion's transparent consumption-based pricing structure, you’re charged only for the resources you utilize, cutting out needless expenses and delivering cost certainty. 

“Matillion is very user-friendly when compared to other ETL tools in the market. It is easy to understand and handle great performance”

Data Analyst

A Glimpse into Customer Experiences

The diverse feedback from Matillion users showcases the platform's strengths and areas for growth. From easy integration with many data sources and targets to seamless scalability, we are always engaging with our user community to evolve and refine our offerings.

Would you like to help us to keep improving? Leave us a review - your feedback really does matter!

Your Partner in Data Engineering

Matillion Data Productivity Cloud is not just a platform; it's a partner in your data engineering journey. Whether you're driving innovation, improving business process outcomes, or seeking operational efficiencies, Matillion is committed to understanding and addressing your needs. Get started with a free account today. 

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