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Unlocking the Hard Facts: How Matillion Saves Time and Money for Data Engineers


Are you ready to save both time and money in the growing and ever-evolving world of data engineering? As organizations become more data-driven, the demand for streamlined and efficient data integration solutions is greater than ever. This is where Matillion shines. 

A 2024 commissioned Total Economic Impact(™) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Matillion reveals the hard facts about the time and cost savings that data engineers can achieve by implementing Matillion’s innovative cloud data pipeline platform. This blog explores the essential findings to provide the insights you require to confidently adopt Matillion into your data engineering toolkit.

Efficiency and Time Savings

The standout benefit highlighted in the study is the significant time-saving Matillion offers to data engineers. According to the research, data engineers using Matillion saved 70% of their time managing and maintaining pipelines. They can now focus more of their time on value-added tasks, such as designing and implementing complex data transformations, rather than getting bogged down by time-consuming maintenance activities.

The study also revealed that data engineers saved 60% of their time building pipelines. Matillion provides a user-friendly interface and prebuilt connectors that accelerate the pipeline creation process - this means less time spent on manual coding and more time devoted to extracting insights from data.

Real Experiences from Data Experts

As part of the Forrester study, industry experts and data scientists described their experiences with Matillion; these responses were then anonymized and included in the study. Within these responses, a data scientist from a global financial services organization highlighted the power of Matillion's modern data stack, stating, “The reason we turned to Matillion was that we were spending a far too high percentage of our time doing menial data engineering tasks when we’re being paid to do investment research.” They also mentioned that they could take on more ambitious projects and fine-tune large language models effortlessly. The platform's ease of use and time-saving capabilities enabled them to explore the potential of advanced technologies like AI and machine learning.

Addressing Overwhelming Workload

It is no secret that data teams continue to grapple with rising demand, particularly as demand for AI and ML surges. These challenges were highlighted and addressed in research conducted by Vanson Bourne, which showed that 90% of data experts sought relief from overwhelming business demands and fragmented pipelines. In fact, 84% of respondents indicated that the volume of their workload exceeded their capacity.

Matillion solves these challenges by streamlining data engineering processes and boosting productivity. By saving time and automating tasks, Matillion allows data teams to handle increased workloads efficiently, ensuring data requests are fulfilled faster, and resources are optimized.

Tangible Cost Savings

In addition to time savings, the Forrester study highlighted the positive impact on an organization's bottom line. The study demonstrates that users who chose Matillion as their modern data integration solution witnessed significant returns on their investment. Not only does Matillion enhance operational efficiencies, but it also cuts down on infrastructure and compute costs, ultimately driving up operating profits. To discover the full extent of these findings, make sure to download the study.

Beyond the Hard Numbers

The benefits of Matillion go beyond time and cost savings. The Forrester study revealed that organizations using Matillion experienced stronger data cultures, increased data analyst productivity, improved data visualization, and enhanced business team effectiveness. These intangible benefits contribute to a data-driven culture and empower organizations to make data-informed decisions.


The hard facts and tangible benefits uncovered in the study speak for themselves. By adopting Matillion as a cloud data pipeline solution, data engineers save significant time, increase cost efficiencies, and improve organizational productivity. Matillion equips data teams with the tools they need to overcome overwhelming workloads and maximize their potential.

If you're ready to unlock the potential of Matillion and experience these time and cost savings firsthand, download the full study. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your data integration processes and accelerate your path to success.