What’s New to Data Productivity Cloud?

In July of this year, Matillion introduced the Data Productivity Cloud- revolutionizing how data practitioners move, transform, and orchestrate data pipelines. In the months since, Matillion has been innovating, improving and rolling out new features to further empower users to unlock unprecedented value. 

And remember, if you missed the launch, you can catch up with a hands-on demo here.

The Data Productivity Cloud is currently live on Snowflake and Redshift with Databricks support coming in very soon. 

Updates to the Matillion Designer

The Matillion Designer has undergone significant enhancements, making data movement and transformation even more intuitive with high and low code data orchestration from end-to-end.

New Connectors

Flex Connectors

The addition of Flex Connectors rapidly decreases the development time of fully functional data connectors to virtually any source that a customer requires. At present, there are over twenty Flex Connectors in the Data Productivity library, with more developed every day. If you are a current Matillion customer looking for a specific data connector, please request within the platform or work with your sales representative to request the source. 

Improved Git and GitHub Support

Revolutionize your data lifecycle management by seamlessly connecting projects to your organization’s GitHub repositories for enhanced control, flexibility and collaboration. Store your pipelines securely, sync Git commands and leverage advanced collaborative features like pull requests, rebases, reviews and approvals. Elevate your pipeline development experience with tailored workflows and enhanced productivity.

Add Components 

The recently added Add Components feature in the components window improves efficiency and usability when building data pipelines and finding the desired components.  

Smaller Updates

  • Improved the Set frequency page of the batch pipeline wizard, including adding an advanced mode with support for Quartz cron expressions.
  • Added Copy Table with Soft Deletes as a transformation type for pipelines with Snowflake as a destination.
  • The Git Commit changes and push option has been split into two separate operations: Commit and Push local changes.
  • Updated the pipeline canvas to include a + call-to-action button.
  • Added the Table Update component, which lets you update a target table with a set of input rows. The rows to update are based on matching keys.
  • Added the Assert View component, which lets you verify that certain conditions are true of a view, or otherwise stop the query.
  • You can now sample Query components in orchestration pipelines.
  • Added row count when sampling components in a transformation pipeline.

Whether you’re an existing Matillion customer or looking to explore our Data Productivity Cloud, please explore our demo experience here!