"Because of its tight integration with Redshift and AWS, we can now explore, understand and ingest data from our customers much faster than before."
Director of Business Intelligence, Clutch.com

Your data journey starts in the cloud

As a modern data-driven organization, your business understands the value of a cloud data warehouse. Amazon
Redshift offers the speed, performance, and scalability required to handle the exponential growth in data volumes that
you are experiencing. With a host of services offered through AWS and the Marketplace, you can build out an entire data
analytics platform, with Redshift at the center, that takes full advantage of the power and economics of the cloud.

Get the most out of Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is optimized for speed and performance. Massively parallel processing (MPP) and Amazon Redshift Spectrum offer fast, scalable, and efficient data querying. Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift has the platform’s best practices baked in and adds additional warehouse specific functionality, so you get the most out of Redshift.

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  • Take advantage of Amazon Redshift Spectrum features, including data partitioning, external schema set up, and Amazon S3 components for reading and writing Spectrum data
  • Set up alerts and notifications using AWS SNS and SQS
  • Improve efficiency with best practices baked into job runs

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Your data, when and where you need it.

Before you can reap the benefits and ROI of your Redshift cloud data warehouse, you need to get your data there. Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift is purpose-built to work with your cloud data warehouse.

  • Migrate and load your data in just a few clicks with more than 70 pre-built data source connectors

  • Use Create Your Own Connector to easily build custom connectors to any REST API source system

  • Automate data loads with job scheduling so that your data is always there when you need it

  • Quickly access data for business intelligence, reporting, and visualization

  • Accumulate large stores of data for predictive analytics, machine learning, and data intelligence

Transform data points into data insights

Don’t just migrate to Amazon Redshift; use the power of the cloud to consolidate and transform your data sources. Make better, more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage.

  • Perform powerful transformations to prepare your data for analytics

  • Combine simple transformation components to tackle complex business rules and needs

  • Write transformed data back out to Amazon Redshift so it is available to data users

A fully integrated solution

Launch Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift from the AWS Marketplace to deploy the software within your existing cloud environment. With this deployment model, you can benefit from a fully integrated cloud solution, as a part of your cloud technology strategy.

  • Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift is delivered as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), meaning your data never leaves your environment

  • Consolidated billing on your AWS account

  • Works with your existing infrastructure for simple and scalable ETL for Amazon Redshift


Matillion ETL comes with an extensive list of pre-built data source connectors for on-premises and cloud databases, SaaS applications, documents, NoSQL sources, and more to quickly load data into Amazon Redshift. Matillion ETL also comes with the functionality to Create Your Own Connector to easily build custom connectors to any REST API source system.


Case Study: Siemens

“This is what we found with Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift… after one hour, we had it, we could use it, and we could start developing everything we wanted.” Dr.-Ing. Kevin Brechtel, Project Manager, Siemens

Optimizing Amazon Redshift

Optimizing Amazon Redshift

Our FREE guide will help you understand how to configure and use Amazon Redshift properly to ensure it delivers on performance, cost, and scalability for your company, regardless of your company size.


Begin your data journey

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