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Cloud Data Warehouse Migration: Docusign Improves Performance, Scale, and Spend

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Most companies already have the data they need to solve business challenges. However, much of that data goes unused for analysis. To unveil these insights and better understand their business, companies need a better way to act on the volumes of data they’ve accumulated over the years. Cloud data warehouse migration is often the answer. 


In our recent ebook, Modernize Your Data Warehouse, we explained that data warehouse technology hasn’t changed much in almost 40 years. In short, legacy technology simply can’t keep up with the volume of data that enterprises collect. But the cloud can. Eighty-three percent of enterprise workloads are projected to be inside the cloud by 2020. And companies like DocuSign are looking to take advantage of the speed and scale that only the cloud can provide. 


The business case for cloud data warehouse migration

DocuSign understood the need for an insights-driven culture and wanted an effective infrastructure that could keep pace with the performance and scale of their data. Their legacy tools were expensive to maintain. The team needed to consider a more flexible option that could provide cost savings.


DocuSign needed to select a cloud data warehouse provider. But also, it needed to find a data transformation solution that could:  

  • Move data from its SQL Server environment into the cloud data warehouse 
  • Quickly process large amounts of data to meet performance objectives
  • Help ensure that data in transit remained secure 


Time saved with an efficient ETL solution

DocuSign used Matillion’s ETL solution as part of its cloud data migration process. Matillion ETL for Snowflake helped aggregate various data sources and create the dimensional models needed for downstream consumption. 


Aggregating and formatting data at scale is a huge undertaking. But it’s worth pursuing to save time and increase productivity for data engineers. IDC reported that data workers spend 90 percent of their workweek (36 hours!) on data-related activities like searching, preparation, and analytics. For a progressive company like DocuSign looking for faster time to value, using a tool that is purpose-built for cloud data warehouses simply made sense. 


Better performance, more cost savings

After deployment, the DocuSign team saw results quickly. First of all, the entire data engineering team become proficient in Matillion in less than two weeks. And by using Matillion ETL for Snowflake, the data team saw a 370 percent reduction in the time it spent running jobs. (Total time went from 22 hours to only six hours).



“For anybody in this space, Matillion is a breath of fresh air given legacy solutions. Businesses could see a significant acceleration of projects, ETL performance, and reduction in operating expenses.”

                                  –Robert Parker, Senior Director of Business Intelligence, DocuSign


Since implementation, Snowflake and Matillion have helped DocuSign meet its challenging goals around performance, scale, security, and cost savings.


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