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Matillion ETL Release 1.41: How to use the LDAP Test feature


One request we’ve often had from our customers using LDAP is the ability to test the LDAP connection before hitting ‘confirm’. Testing that these configurations are correct can help avoid a potentially breaking change. This will ensure that users can log into their Matillion instance. Now, we offer the ability to connect to Matillion using LDAP in Matillion ETL v1.41.


How to test your LDAP configurations in Matillion ETL v1.41


In the User Configuration dialog, Matillion can perform the validation in the background as you enter the details into the User Configuration fields. Once all fields are valid up to the Role fields for Matillion ETL configuration, Matillion will show available roles from the LDAP server. Then you can simply select the correct role from the drop-down.


Testing LDAP in Matillion: User Configuration Screen


Until all fields have been filled in correctly and the roles have been selected, the OK button will be greyed out.


A new Test button allows users to test that their LDAP configuration has been correctly set:


Test LDAP in Matillion: Test and Test User


In addition, we’ve also added the option to test whether an LDAP User can log into Matillion. This feature helps ensure that you have selected the correct roles:


Testing LDAP in Matillion: Test User Login



As a result, you can have more confidence in correctly configuring LDAP within Matillion.


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Thanks to Andrew on the Matillion team, who developed most of this functionality single-handedly.

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