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Matillion ETL Release 1.42: New Components, Database Query for SAP Hana, GIT API, and more (VIDEO)


Matillion ETL Release 1.42 is here!

Check out our release video by Ed Thompson, CTO, for a guided tour of Matillion version 1.42.


Want the very best Matillion ETL experience? Each new version of Matillion is better than the last. Make sure you are on the latest version to take advantage of the new features, new components, and improvements. In this blog, find out about the new components, features, and improvements introduced in Matillion ETL v1.42.



New components


Intacct component


You can now pull your financial data from Intacct into a permanent table.


Pardot component


Connect to Salesforce Pardot through the new Pardot query component. Since this component writes to an external table, some data may require flattening. In order to do the flattening, Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift provides a Nested Data Load component while Matillion ETL for Snowflake and Matillion ETL for BigQuery provide an Extract Nested Data component.




New features


Materialized Views support for Snowflake


Matillion now supports Materialized Views, which is a Snowflake feature. In Snowflake, “A materialized view is a pre-computed data set derived from a query specification (the SELECT in the view definition) and stored for later use.” By using Materialized Views, you can improve the speed of queries that are using the same subquery results repeatedly. Users can access this via the Create View component in a Transformation Job. Click into the View Type property and select “Materialized” from the dropdown menu.




Enterprise features




Many users want Matillion ETL to function as part of a continuous integration environment. To that end, we have extended our Matillion API to allow you to use the Git integration features programmatically. You can now do things such as: get commit differences, get commit states, configure and clone remote repositories, switch commits, push to and fetch from a remote repository, and initialize a local repository.




Other improvements


Updated Snowflake driver


At Matillion, we strive to keep our products aligned with the cloud data warehouses we support. In version 1.42 we have updated our JDBC driver to match the changes Snowflake made to their driver. You can read more about it here. Our driver contains a new Apache Arrow format, support for Private links, and continued security resiliency.


Parquet support


Parquet file type is now available through our Unload to S3 component for Amazon Redshift and Snowflake as well as through the Rewrite External Table component for Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery.


Database query support for SAP Hana


We are happy to announce that we have further extended our Database Query component to support SAP Hana. You can now load data from SAP Hana to your cloud data warehouse using the Matillion ETL Database Query Component.


Secure views


Secure views are now available through the Create View component for Matillion ETL for Snowflake.


Nest columns in JSON


Both S3 Unload component and Azure Unload component now allow JSON file formats to nest columns.


Full Release notes are available on the Support Site 



Ready to upgrade?


Ready to upgrade to Matillion v1.42? For more information on how to upgrade, check out our blog on Best practices for updating your Matillion ETL instance.










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