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Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL: Which One is Right for You?

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Once you have a cloud data warehouse (CDW), you’re ready to start using the near-infinite scalability and power of that CDW to transform data. But then what? Each organization’s journey to the cloud is different depending on your data maturity. Some companies will need complex, enterprise-grade data transformation, and need it now.  Others first face the huge task of migrating data from multiple sources into the cloud. 


Whether you are transforming data or just bringing it into the cloud, you want to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible.  


Hand-coding is no longer the answer


Historically, integrating dozens of data sources that contain business critical data into one location has meant hand-coding extract, load, and transformation (ELT) processes. Today, a process 100 percent dependent on hand-coding just isn’t practical. Unless you have an army of engineers to hand-code ETL jobs, it simply puts too much burden on IT or data engineers, especially in large enterprises that need a robust and scalable solution.  


Two Matillion solutions for data in the cloud


Matillion has two solutions that are purpose-built for the cloud solutions and involve either no hand-coding or are code-optional. Both products are designed to take advantage of your CDW, relying on it to do the heavy lifting. Matillion Data Loader is a SaaS pipeline solution that helps businesses load data into a CDW.  Matillion ETL is a full-featured cloud ETL solution that not only loads data into the cloud but also transforms it as per your business logic. 


Which solution is right for you and your business depends on a number of considerations. How much budget do you have? How much time do you have? Who is doing the transforming? We’ve outlined the key features of the two products and the key differences to help you determine which one will work best for you.  

Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL: Side by Side


Common use cases


 Matillion ETLMatillion Data Loader
Data transformationCombine individual transformation components
to build out complex data transformations,
in a guided GUI, for visualizations, business
intelligence, reporting, and advanced analytics.
No native transformation capabilities. Matillion Data Loader helps bring data into your CDW. When you’re ready for transformation, you can migrate to Matillion ETL.
Data migration and ingestionUse pre-built connectors to ingest data into the CDW from on-prem and cloud databases, ERPs, CRM and marketing automation platforms, social networks, and more! Use a universal API connector to connect to any API-enabled system.
-Incremental loads
Use a simple wizard-driven UI to bring data into your CDW from popular data sources, including applications, files, and databases.
Reduce the development life cycleDecrease development time and improve the resiliency of ETL jobs by removing the need to hand-code. Leverage the object-oriented user interface to quickly create complex ETL jobs.Enable analysts and citizen data professionals with ability to self-serve and integrate data sources within a CDW, helping to close data silos and reduce dependency on developers and engineers.
Automate data workflowsVariety of orchestration components allow you
to control and manage your Matillion jobs from start to finish. Use scheduling, alerting, and version control (either internally or using GIT) to manage all of your data workflows in one place - Matillion ETL.
Configure your data pipelines to run at set intervals and get alerts and notifications so you always know that your data is where you need it, when you need it.
Improve data analytics performancePurpose-built for your cloud data warehouse, Matillion ETL leverages the power of the cloud to perform simple to
complex data transformations.
Built using the same great technology that underpins our award-winning, cloud-deployed ETL solution, but delivered as a SaaS solution, Matillion Data Loader runs performant pipelines for fast data loading.




 Matillion ETLMatillion Data Loader
Target warehousesAmazon Redshift
Snowflake (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Amazon Redshift
Snowflake (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Matillion ETL integrations

Matillion Data Loader integrations
Extract and Load DataBuild orchestration jobs to extract data from your source systems and load it to your target CDW.Use the simple wizard to build pipelines to extract data from your source systems and load it to your target CDW.
Transform DataBuild transformation jobs, selecting from 30+ components that can be used together to perform complex transformations. Option to use scripting components such as Bash or Python for specific data transformation requirements.Easy migration path to Matillion ETL for data transformation.
Delivery ModelCloud (machine image)Fully-managed SaaS
SchedulerSet your orchestration and transformation jobs to run at specified times or at regular frequencies.Schedule at time based intervals
Notifications & AlertingLeverage your cloud provider messaging services to get alerts and notification when and where you need them (i.e. email, Slack)Email notifications and alerts at user specified intervals.
Common usersDatabase Administrator
Engineer / ETL Developer
Head of BI
Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Marketing Analyst
Data Analyst
Management Information Analyst
Data scientist
ConcurrencyTeams can work concurrently. Number of users depends on the Matillion ETL instance sizeThe organization owner can invite team members to work concurrently
Role-based permissionsYes, to a granular levelYes
AutomationSophisticated flow logic to handle data and Matillion API to trigger jobs.No
Data StageStage data in your own cloud environmentLeave the complexity to us. Choose what region your data is staged in.
Data handlingData integration
Data migration
Data replication
Data transformation
Data preparation for analysis
Automated ETL
Enterprise data workloads
Data integration
Data migration
Data replication
Free Trial14 or 30 days depending on the cloud platform providerFree
PricingHourly pay-as-you-go or annual consumption-based contractsFree
Enterprise-grade functionalityEnterprise instances of Matillion ETL come with additional functionality specifically designed for enterprise data workloadsNone
Ability to add new connectorsYes, using the universal API Query component. Additional options are coming soon.No
Developer toolsREST API, Matillion API, Scripting components (Bash, Python, SQL)No
Data ReplicationCDC on AWS supported Matillion ETL products. Options for full table incremental loading via SELECT/replication key, or timestamp.Incrementally load data where supported by the data source to load only new records at each run.
Data SelectionYesYes
SupportEmail support from our data transformation expertsCommunity forum support
DeploymentCloud platform marketplacesMatillion Data Loader registration
Reuse jobsShared jobs facility allows developers to develop generic jobs which can be reused across different projects and serversNo


Selecting the right solution 


Still not sure what to choose between Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL? Use this chart to help you decide. 


Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL: Here is a flow chart to help you decide which to use

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