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Pacific Life, NHS Greater Manchester and Old Mutual amongst winners of Matillion Emerald Awards 2023


Matillion, data productivity provider, today announces the winners of its annual Emerald Awards.

Recognizing enterprises in five categories, the Emerald Awards honor data visionaries, ranging from prominent software providers to elite consumer brands. Their stories emphasize the journey to acquiring valuable and actionable data insights leveraging Matillion. 

Growing complex volumes of data, organizations are held back by lack of resources leading to increased manual workload and an excessive financial expenditure. 

Leveraging Matillion to assist with the automation, transformation and orchestration of data pipelines, this year's honorees were able to overcome intricate data challenges to provide actionable insights. 

Impact Award winner, US insurance firm Pacific Life, surpassed an extraordinary financial target within 45 days, as opposed to the expected annual timeframe, by leveraging Matillion. Implementing the low-code ELT tool to extract, load and transform data through automated pipelines delivered business ready data, to both internal and external consumers. Utilizing Matillion allowed the immediate expansion of operations, as managing increased demand became effortless. 

“It’s incredible to see how organizations across the globe are using Matillion to enhance efficiency and maximize their data,” said Mark Johnston, Chief Marketing Officer, Matillion.

“The stories of our 2023 Emerald Award winners showcased transformational change not only to their data teams but to their customers. It’s clear to see that these enterprises are paving the way in data productivity. We are delighted to be a part of their journey and celebrate their successes.”

Matillion’s Emerald Awards are held annually, recognising businesses who are data pioneers as data continues to play an increasingly important role in modern businesses.


About the Winners


  • Engage 3 leveraged Matillion for secure deployment of CDC with data loader to capture and record changes. Leading to copious benefits in optimizing time to present fresh data and secured the Transformation Award.
  • Adapatavist released Matillion as a part of a wider DAAP (data as a product) service so ELT capabilities are exported to the wider business rather than just IT. Data teams are no longer restricted and end users can solve their own problems, also a winner of the Transformation Award
  • Simple Tire was awarded with the Visionary Award. Implementing a seamless process through Matillion to reduce excess spending and eliminate dependency on external auditors. 
  • NHS Greater Manchester solved key healthcare operational problems by having hundreds of automated reports asynchronously, removing manual time and resource-consuming dependencies. Their data team earned the Visionary Award.
  • Premier Foods, winner of the Productivity Award, modernized data practices through Matillion. Delivering new insights to multiple areas across the business, improving efficiencies by reducing manual work and minimizing risk associated with manual data practices.
  • Old Mutual created a Matillion pipeline using the drag and drop functionality, enabling faster coding. Possessing an extensive list of transformation components through Matillion, reduced manual time and allowed reusability, they received the Productivity Award.
  • Pacific Life constructed robust and efficient data pipelines allowing seamless integration and delivery of data to partners. Transforming raw data to enriched and confined business-ready data insights achieved a remarkable sales figure of $100 million. These insights secured the win of the Impact Award
  • Establishing a clear ETL solution that was quick to learn for coders of all abilities, Swish Maintenance Limited, winners of the Impact Award, advanced their data insights with speed, scalability and efficiency. 
  • Xcite utilized Matillion to allow consolidation and transformation of online order data into a centralized middleware database. Combining order data, website and application data with other data sources through Google Analytics, enriched understanding of customer insights. Xcite received the Innovation Award.
  • Publicis Sport and Entertainment leveraged Matillion to automate pipelines and generate insights for customers with a range of coding abilities. Successfully integrating all extraction and transformation layers, reports are generated rapidly allowing for live updates for customers rather than months with reduced manual time. Their data team received the Innovation Award

About Matillion 

Matillion helps teams get data business-ready, faster — accelerating time-to-value and increasing the impact data can have. The Matillion Emerald Awards, founded in 2021, represent a yearly event honoring and applauding excellence, innovation and remarkable data achievements across diverse industries.