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Leveraging Data and Technology: Transforming Transport for Greater Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is leveraging the transformative power of data to revolutionize the way we travel. 

Managing the extensive transport network of Greater Manchester, facilitating over 5.6 million daily journeys, is no small feat. However, since 2019, TfGM has shifted its focus from infrastructure concerns to extracting invaluable insights. 

Empowered by a flexible and scalable data platform ingeniously crafted by Synvert-TCM, with cutting-edge technology from Snowflake to Matillion, TfGM conducts intricate micro simulations and extracts travel patterns, enabling precise resource allocation. This ensures that additional trams and staff are deployed exactly where and when they are most needed, optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire transport system.

TfGM has also pioneered a groundbreaking “intelligent” contactless system on the Metrolink network, redefining ticketing and customer experiences. Commuters can now relish a seamless touch-in and touch-out experience, bidding adieu to the hassles of paper tickets or separate apps. 

But the innovation doesn't stop there. By harnessing the power of network data, TfGM consistently enhances its services and products, driving real-time incident monitoring and swift responses, while simultaneously informing long-term improvements that refine the travel experience. 

To forge a resilient technology stack, TfGM joined forces with Synvert TCM adopting Snowflake hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), skillfully incorporating AWS Lambda functions, Matillion ETL, and Tableau for data analysis. This collaboration established a seamless environment for integrating data feeds and generating insightful reports. 

Malcolm Lowe, Head of IT at TfGM, sums it up perfectly: “We have lots of data and information on the transport network and the challenge is capturing all this information, the dependencies and getting insight from it. Snowflake allows us to meet these challenges and focus on business value. When we don’t have to worry about technology, infrastructure, storage, or performance, it means we can concentrate and focus on getting insight to improve the transport network and travel of people in Greater Manchester.”

Hear more on the topic at our September 20th London event, Data-Driven Decarbonisation and Improving Public Transport with first-hand insights from our Rail Operator panel.