Top Five Industry Events for Data Engineers in 2024

Why wait to experience it secondhand when you can be part of the action! This blog recommends the top 5 events for data engineers in the first half of 2024, inviting you to immerse yourself in the forefront of data science, the cutting edge of AI innovation, and the dynamic world of the engineering industry.

Tailored for remote-first and hybrid teams navigating the ever-evolving landscape of distributed work, these conferences are essential for data professionals eager to unlock the full potential of data and AI.

Immerse yourself in the forefront of data engineering with a diverse lineup of speakers who are experts in the field. These must-attend events promise cutting-edge insights and innovations, providing a golden opportunity to expand your knowledge and resources to advance your data engineering skills.

Big Data & AI World

6-7 March 2024, ExCeL London

Join the data engineering community at this cutting-edge event in London, uniting experts in technology, data science, and AI innovation.

  • Immerse yourself in discussions on crafting efficient data strategies, enhancing business intelligence, and guiding decision-making.
  • Dive into the interplay of data privacy, protection, and personalization, exploring the transformative potential of AI, advanced analytics, and robotics.
  • Delve into customer data analytics to elevate experiences, foster relationships, and build brand loyalty. Navigate through the realms of machine learning, data mining, augmented analytics, graph analysis, and explainable AI.
  • Gain critical insights into the intersection of ethics, data governance, and compliance, including regulations like GDPR.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to propel your career and business into a new era of intelligence, surrounded by thousands of like-minded professionals.

Remember that your complimentary ticket also grants full access to Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, and Data Centre World.

Running Remote

22-24 April 2024, Lisbon + Virtual

Accelerate your success in the evolving landscape of distributed work by attending this conference for remote-first and hybrid teams. Join global data professionals, C-Level Executives, Founders, VPs, and HR leaders for a three-day event focused on the world's transition towards distributed work.

  • Immerse yourself in discussions on flexible work, company culture, scaling, transitioning, AI, and more, led by over 50 industry experts.
  • Network with like-minded professionals and gain insights from practitioners with extensive experience in managing remote-first and hybrid teams.
  • Gain industry insights and learn best practices and strategies to create a positive and inclusive work environment.

Take this opportunity to stay ahead in the distributed work revolution and connect with the global experts driving innovation in the field.

Naturally, you can join either live or virtually! Note that Running Remote is immediately followed by a 3-day Workation event for founders & executives with 100+ employees.

Data Innovation Summit

24-25 April 2024, Stockholm + Virtual

The Data Innovation Summit is a must-attend for data professionals seeking to harness the full potential of data and AI. With a diverse lineup of over 300 Nordic and international speakers across nine stages, this 9th edition promises a rich exploration of Applied Data Innovation, Data Science, Big Data, ML, Applied AI, Generative AI, Data Management, Data Engineering, Architecture, Databases, and IoT.

  • Join knowledge-sharing and hands-on workshops in seven dedicated rooms.
  • Engage in professional networking opportunities, fostering connections with enterprise practitioners, technology providers, start-up innovators, academics, and like-minded professionals.
  • Gain insights into accelerating AI-driven transformation, optimizing operational processes, fostering sustainability, and reshaping business models.
  • With a focus on MLOps and LLMOps techniques, discover ways to enhance delivery time, reduce defects, and increase the efficiency of machine learning initiatives.

Whether you're interested in on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-native data solutions, the summit covers the full spectrum of modern data platforms and strategies, ensuring participants leave equipped to drive innovation in their organizations.

Once again, there are options to attend either in person or online.

Snowflake Data Cloud Summit

3-6 June 2024, San Francisco

Immerse yourself in the forefront of data engineering, where the Data Cloud's cutting-edge innovations await exploration. From Generative AI to Apache Iceberg and streaming, gain invaluable insights from data and AI experts and business leaders.

  • Attend Snowflake training and certification sessions, participate in breakout sessions and labs, and explore the expo hall for hands-on involvement.
  • Engage with a vast network of professionals and organizations within the Data Cloud, fostering collaboration to develop new data assets, services, and applications.
  • Harness the collective power of the community to strengthen your data and AI strategy.
  • Dive into keynotes and sessions covering data engineering, data lakes, data warehouses, AI/ML, applications, collaboration, and cybersecurity.
  • Learn about Unistore's revolutionary approach to unifying transactional and analytical data.

Be inspired by success stories, and propel your organization towards greater agility and new avenues for growth. Early Bird Full Conference tickets are available until March 31st.

Databricks Data + AI Summit

10-13 June 2024, San Francisco + Virtual

Attend the Data + AI Summit 2024 to access a wealth of knowledge and resources for advancing your skills in data engineering on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Registration was not open at the time of writing, and the detailed list of sessions was still in review. Nevertheless, the 2024 event will likely follow previous years, offering keynotes and 250+ breakout sessions covering the latest data, analytics, and AI trends.

  • Learn to develop generative AI applications while maintaining data privacy and control, enabling broader insights with natural language processing.
  • Address the complexities of ETL pipelines, real-time streaming data, data governance, and workflow orchestration, providing battle-tested best practices, code samples, and guidance.
  • Engage with real-life use cases from leading companies
  • Explore data streaming and data engineering on the Lakehouse, and learn to build a modern data stack with Databricks.

For those seeking efficiency and simplicity in their data processes, this summit will be another valuable opportunity to stay at the forefront of data engineering innovation.

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Ian Funnell
Ian Funnell

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